Neoprene fabric is the new revolutionary swimwear fabric taking over the swimwear industry worldwide!

The feel of Neoprene fabric is different to the standard bikini you have worn before and very versatile to work with.

Neoprene is slightly thicker than the standard bikini fabric so it works it magic by holding everything in and stays in place all day long! Not to mention this fabric feels super comfortable!

It sits nicely on all different body shapes and sizes due to the sublime soft luxurious fit and greater resistance to stretch.

Unlike the standard bikinis which loses its shape over time, the neoprene keeps it shape, allowing you to enjoy countless wears of your bikini all summer long!

Due to the nature of the Neoprene fabric, they are designed to be worn with a snug fit.


SEASKAPE uses Luxe Neoprene and in return we need a little love from you to ensure that all you babes enjoy countless wears of your bikini each summer!

-  High amounts of chlorine and salt water can ruin your bikini, make sure to wash immediately after use
-  Hand wash with cold water after chlorine or salt water contact
-  Do not machine wash
-  Do not bleach
-  Dry flat under the shade
-  Do not tumble dry or spin dry
-  Do not dry clean
-  Store flat and not folded as folding will cause creases
-  Certain tanning oils, sunscreens and fake tanning products can stain or damage your bikini
-  Avoid sitting on sand directly when the neoprene bikini is wet

At any point should there be a crease in your bikini, we recommend that you iron (low heat) the bikini inside out, with a cloth over and not to place the iron directly on to Neoprene.

Neoprene fabric expands when wet and certain particles of sand can get caught in between the fabric. At any point should this happen, soak your bikini for a few minutes and swish it vigorously or you can rub the fabric gently against itself to encourage the sand particles to fall out.

We use high quality neoprene, however please note that over the time and use of your neoprene bikini, there will be the occasional fade of the bikini due to the sunlight and high salt exposure. While your swimwear is made to last, we are not liable for general wear and tear.